Camp Adler For Children With Special Needs

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Camp Adler

Our goal is to create a fun, nurturing

and supportive environment with typical day camp activities, both in-building at the MIYJCC and at our Offsite Camp, where campers are assisted by our professional staff to develop skills, build self-confidence and make lasting friendships.


Programs Include...

Full Inclusion or Shared Camp placement

  options determined by Director and Parent


Camp placement based on social,

  emotional and cognitive abilities


Specialized counselors trained by qualified 

  staff, including special education teachers


Progress reports with evaluations


Low child-to-counselor ratio


• Consultations with related service providers

Camp activities include sports, rock wall

  and zip line, day trips, music, art, nature hikes

  and more


Special education swim instruction led by 

  Red Cross certified instructors


Daily lunch is nutritious, kid-friendly, kosher,

  peanut/tree nut-free and includes pizza Fridays


An intake will be scheduled prior to

  registration to ensure the best fit between

  campers and programs

We are pleased to announce that the Mid-Island Y JCC's Camp Adler was among the 2014 participants in the Summer Camp Inclusion Program.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the funding provided by the Lisa Beth Gerstman Foundation and administered by the Samiel Field Y.

Inclusion Programs
Designed for campers who have had success in a partial or full-inclusion environment with shared support.
For Ages 3-5
Various Schedules

In-Building at the MIYJCC and at our

Henry Kaufmann Campground

School-Age &
Tween Inclusion
Entering Grades K-8

At Our Campgrounds

Entering Grades K-6  •  M-F: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Tween Inclusion Travel Camp

Entering Grades 7 & 8

CLICK HERE to learn more about Tween Trailways Travel Camp

ACES: Adler Camp for Enrichment Services
Day Camp
For Ages 5-12
M-F: 9:00 am-4:00 pm

A self-contained program within a shared camp environment. Includes visual schedules, fewer transitions and smaller group sizes than inclusion programs. For campers who need a structured setting, but would like to be a part of a true camp experience.


• Academic support available

• Social skills enrichment

• PT, OT and speech therapy

• Activities including: Swim, sports, arts & crafts

• Inclusion opportunities throughout the day


Note: If your child needs a full self-contained camp, please call Sharon for more JCC camp options on Long island.

Teens At Camp
For Pre-Teens & Teens
M-F: 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Designed to foster peer interaction, communication, and relationships. Campers develop essential self-advocacy and vocational skills, and focus on health, fitness and nutrition. Includes swim, day and overnight trips*, community service and inclusion opportunities.


*Additional overnight trip fees may apply.

Helpers At Camp
For Pre-Teens & Teens
M-F: 9:00 am-4:00 pm

The Adler center now offers a new CIT program to train our campers to work within different placements in the camp environment with the additional support of our Adler staff. Placements may include working with campers, maintenance of campgrounds, supplies, food service, towel service and more! Participants will also go to occasional travel on trips to fun filled places.

*Additional overnight trip fees may apply.

Achievement Camp
For Teens & Young Adults
M-F: 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Camp Adler now offers a vocational camp program for those teens and young adults who are beginning to explore and enter the “world of work”. Campers will work with Adler “job coaches” out on the campgrounds as well as have placements with local MIYJCC businesses 2-3 days per week. On the remaining days they will still get to experience the “fun” in camp. An assessment will be done prior to the start of camp to determine job internship placement.